Given the growth in demand for loading and unloading ships in Magdeburg, new ports had to be built.

The commercial port was built from 1888–93, the quay being a massive heavy-duty wall partly founded on rock. By 1906, annual cargo turnover had reached 1.4 million tons and the commercial port was one of the most advanced inland ports in Germany. However, several buildings were damaged during the devastating air raids on Magdeburg in World War II. After the Elbe had been made navigable again following the war, the commercial port played a major role as a transshipment site for the building materials urgently needed for the city’s reconstruction. When additional port facilities were built, the commercial port lost its importance as a point of transshipment. Located in the direct neighborhood of Magdeburg University, the southern area of the Science Port is now being converted into a new site for innovative businesses and scientific institutions.



Foto Quelle: Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg