Following the completion of the Max Planck Institute of Dynamics for Complex Technical Systems in 2002, the Virtual Development and Training Centre (VDTC) was opened in 2006. This ultramodern research center specializing in virtual technologies augments Fraunhofer IFF's range of services. VDTC’s high-tech labs are ideal for interdisciplinary work between scientists, industrial users and innovative service providers. Focusing strongly on practical applications, interactive visual simulations are jointly developed for virtual product and process development etc. Besides virtual functional tests, VDTC’s research also addresses virtual training.

Das ifak (Institute for Automation and Communication) an affiliate of Otto von Guericke University specializing in technology development in the field of industrial communication, traffic, process industry and environmental technology, has been based at Denkfabrik since 2008.

Collaborating in the European Galileo project, Magdeburg University’s Development Laboratory and Testing Ground for Navigation and Communication in Transport and Logistics is also located at the city’s Science Port.



Foto Quelle: Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg